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Share your Digital Cards

Share your business Information with your prospects directly via SMS, Email, or any other way.

Scan QR Code

By scanning your QR Code, your client can see your details and also then can share your QR Code with others.

Social Media Links

Your client can follow you on your social media account. You can also increase your business by sharing your social links.

Various Range of Templates

You can select various templates for your Shareable Cards and share them with your clients.

Affiliate Payouts

We provide you with various payment plans, each has a built-in affiliate program, choose the plan that best fits your needs.

Click On Call

Your client can reach you with a simple tap on your phone number and contact you for any query.

Modern & Powerful Interface

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Your Platform, Your Brand, Your Custom-made vCard's

Shareable Cards are SaaS (software-as-a-service). A secured dashboard allows you to update your digital cards automatically, without any additional uploads, downloads, or apps and also gives you a picture of when your digital business card is being viewed and shared. We help you craft a unique identity and a lasting impression on your team members and contacts with your organization's own branded digital business cards.

Contact Information Sharing Made Simple

cards function like a mobile landing page, anywhere you can post a web URL you can post your Sportscard, and the receiving person doesn't need to be a subscriber— it is also going to change the way your clients and contacts interact with your brand forever.

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interface img
Tap & Go devices are comparable to QR codes, only faster and easier.

A Sports Vcard, coupled with a Tap & Go device empowers you to share digital information effortlessly and securely. Tap & Go devices are comparable to QR codes, only faster and easier.  Best of all, your data is only visible to those you choose to share it with..

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Stories From Our Customers

David Moore


My digital identity deserves the spotlight, and this collection of meticulously crafted digital business card templates lets me do just that.

Roslyn Mikheil


Nope, they didn't pay me for this. Everyone loves having all my online links and contact information in a single tap.

Amit Rajah


If analytics is important to you and you want to keep it simple, Shareable Cards are the right tech-first solution. Period.

Debra Sharkey


I needed a digital business card because reprinting paper cards was a waste. Given the convenience and price, it was a no-brainer.

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